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21st Century Prospecting

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The Authoritative Playbook for New Business Development

Download your guide on how to connect and engage effectively with prospective buyers in today’s complex, multi-platform selling environment.


“If you’ve ever said to yourself, ‘Where are the buyers, and how can I connect with them?’ John Rosso and Mark McGraw wrote this book for you. It is all about creating enduring success at a high and sustainable level in today’s market—not yesterdays. If you are ready to get busy and make things happen in today’s buying environment, read on."

David Mattson | President/CEO, Sandler Training

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About the Authors

John Rosso

John Rosso

John Rosso is a recognized business development expert, specializing in executive sales consulting and sales productivity training. John is a dynamic, enthusiastic speaker who informs, entertains, and motivates presidents, CEOs, other senior managers, and sales professionals. He is the author of Prospect the Sandler Way.


Mark McGraw

Mark McGraw

Mark McGraw’s motto is “Help People, Make Money, Have Fun!” He is passionate about helping salespeople and sales leaders achieve their very best through sales training, coaching, and mastery of the sales process. His mission is to transform salespeople and sales teams to generate more sales so people and businesses can achieve their potential.