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Gold Medal Selling


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Ten conditioning strategies for world-class performance.

In Gold Medal Selling, learn the ten sales “muscles” that the most successful salespeople condition over time … and keep conditioning.


"This book proves that you are what you think and that you become what you constantly do. It shows that the right conditioning can deliver great results. A must-read for all in sales!"

Reggie James, Managing Director | Digital Clarity

Gold medal salespeople, like gold medal athletes, do not let outside circumstances deter them from anything

Chapter index 

  • Sales Muscle #1: What You Believe Becomes Your Reality
  • Sales Muscle #2: Learn What Makes People Tick
  • Sales Muscle #3: Break Out of Bad Patterns
  • Sales Muscle #4: Decide What You Want and Build a Plan
  • Sales Muscle #5: Take Responsibility for Motivating Yourself
  • Sales Muscle #6: Take Control of the Process
  • Sales Muscle #7: No Pain, No Win
  • Sales Muscle #8: Lead the Dance
  • Sales Muscle #9: Execute to Match or Exceed Your Personal Best
  • Sales Muscle #10: Keep a Daily Attitude/Behavior Journal

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