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Succeed the Sandler Way

14 Personal and Professional Breakthroughs

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First-person interviews with salespeople, sales managers and CEOs who transformed their careers.

Succeed The Sandler Way, a bestselling book by Sandler trainers and authors Karl Scheible and Adam Boyd, features 14 compelling success stories from real clients who used the Sandler Selling System to create major personal and professional breakthroughs in their lives and careers.

As each case study proves, the guiding principles for creating a breakthrough are deceptively simple-sounding: Be candid with yourself. Taking a good, hard look at yourself is a prerequisite of any breakthrough.

If others can make it, you can too!

As you read this best seller, it will help you look inward at your own self-limiting beliefs. And if you are ready, take effective action on those life-changing discoveries of the Sandler Success Principles. Learn how to:

  • Transform a “breaking point” into a “turning point” in your life.
  • Understand the process of failure and let it work for you.
  • Create an attitude revolution in your organization.
  • Decide what you want, build a plan, and bet on the outcome.
  • Allow other people to fail, so they can learn how to win.
  • Deal with risk, fear and doubt.

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If you're ready, take effective action on those life-changing discoveries of the Sandler Success Principles.

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Author, Karl Scheible

[AUTHOR] Karl Scheible

Karl Scheible is an consultant, teacher, award-winning trainer and keynote speaker. He was first exposed to the Sandler selling methodology when he hired Sandler to train his national sales organization in 2001. Before joining the Sandler organization, Karl founded a very successful, multi-state technology company that he eventually sold to a private equity investment group. After taking time off to earn an MBA, he opened Market Sense to help business owners increase the value of their company. His clients have experienced tremendous growth using Sandler’s principles, and many who were business owners sold their companies as a successful exit.

Author, Adam Boyd

[AUTHOR] Adam Boyd

Adam Boyd joined Sandler in 2008. He cut his teeth in sales the old-fashioned way: cold calling on and selling to CEOs, presidents, and business owners. He joined Sandler to learn the science of sales and sales management in order to become a stronger all-around leader. He’s worked with scores of small and mid-sized companies to grow revenue, improve profitability, and build a more predictable and consistent sales organization that overachieves.