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Small Business Big Sales

How Small Businesses Can Recover, Rebuild,  and Navigate the New Normal.

We have asked our worldwide network of sales experts what it takes to make it in Small Business, not only during this time of unrest, but in the recovery and the new normal. We have collected and curated the best practices for sales, management, and executive leadership in a special 3-part webinar series.

Three-Part Event Series



  • Break the Rules & Close More Sales


    Jeff Nay & Mike Montague


  • The Science of Sales Management

    Colum Lundt & Mike Montague

  • Building a Bulletproof Business

    Dave Hiatt & Mike Montague




Jeff Nay_

Jeff Nay

Director of Training, Sandler

With 30+ years of experience in sales, communication, customer acquisition, account management, learning, and development, Jeff Nay designs customized sales and sales leadership development programs for Sandler clients all over the world. Along with his team of Sandler experts, they deliver superior selling skill programs that result in a competitive advantage with higher revenues, stronger customer relationships, and more repeat business.

Colum Lundt

Column Lundt

Chief Revenue Officer, Sandler  

Colum Lundt brings over 25 years' experience in recruiting, sales, and management to his new role. Lundt has had a stellar career with organizations such as Shawmut/Fleet Bank, Darwin Partners (now Dextrys), Welocalize and BRIDGE Energy Group, a management consulting and systems integration firm he founded, grew and eventually sold to Accenture. Since 2014, he has worked for Sandler as a consultant, coach, and trainer to some of the fastest-growing SW/SaaS companies in North America.

Dave Hiatt

Dave Hiatt

Director of Franchise Development, Sandler 

Author of From the Boardroom to the Living Room, David Hiatt plays an important role in Sandler's worldwide organization and is recognized internationally as a business development expert specializing in executive sales consulting and sales productivity training. A dynamic, enthusiastic speaker he informs, entertains, and motivates leadership and rank-and-file sales teams to achieve their full potential. David holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in Communications. 

Mike Montague Webinar

Mike Montague

Global Head of Content

Mike Montague shares his knowledge and expertise by way of social media and other avenues with quality content and resources designed for sales professionals and managers all over the globe. He is also an accomplished writer, contributing to the Sandler book, LinkedIn The Sandler Way, business magazines, and the Sandler Blog.

Small Business Big Sales

How to prepare you and your team for the new normal