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WINNING, Incorporated | Boston, Massachusetts

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Jim Kearney


Boston business thought leader

Over 20 years of successful sales and sales management success

Jim New

In his previous company, Elcom International, Jim was responsible for developing new business in the Northeast Region from literally zero/start-up to over $80 million in less than 4 years. Indeed, one of Jim’s premier strengths is his ability to help and inspire people to develop new business, profitably, on a consistent basis.

He has successfully closed multi-million dollar deals for products and professional services, with dozens of companies, including CVS, GTECH, Investor Bank & Trust, Massachusetts Financial Services, UNUM Life Insurance, and Mercer Management Consulting. He is a frequent featured speaker at numerous business and industry events and serves as a Judge for MIT Sloan School of Management’s ‘International MBA Sales Competition.

Prior to joining Elcom, Jim held sales and executive positions at Entex Information Services and EMC, where he consistently exceeded goals and objectives. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island. He is an avid martial arts student (Black Belt in Karate), and lives with his wife and three children in Wrentham, MA.

Favorite Quote: “Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t …. you’re right. The difference is you.”

Interesting Fact: Jim has climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and always challenges his clients to reach new heights.

“Working with WINNING, Incorporated is not just about sales training. It’s about developing real, lasting change and growth. Their commitment to stick with you, via long-term reinforcement, is the key to success. We now have a common process, a common language, a sales-centric culture, and a pumped-up sales team that is producing record results."

- Jeff Blain, Senior Vice President, Xerox Global Services